Fundraising Consulting Services

Fundraising Consulting Services

For many not-for-profit organizations, engaging and growing philanthropic investment is an essential part of the bottom line.  Our fundraising practice is dedicated to helping our clients engage philanthropy in ways that help maximize their mission.  The Bright Solutions works cooperatively with the leadership within organizations, as well as the dedicated staff and volunteers to establish processes and goals that leverage the distinct assets and dynamic needs of each organization.

The marketplace and philanthropic conditions are constantly changing, and our clients face new opportunities and challenges every day.  That’s why our fundraising practice is centered on a forward thinking approach that implements the best solutions that can be activated now while strategically positioning organizations for future growth.

Our diverse and richly experienced team has its fingers on the pulse of today’s not-for-profit organization.  We’ve worked with the largest funders in the country and some of the smallest.  We offer a range and depth of experience to provide clients with unmatched solutions.  We are passionate about getting new initiatives off the ground or injecting even the most successful fundraising program with innovative approaches.

Specific areas of service and expertise include:


  • Fundraising Maximization– Examine current fundraising practices and needs, and determine how best to invest time and resources to achieve maximum results.
  • Development Plans– Craft fundraising plans focused on the ideas, strategy and solutions that leverage each client’s distinctive needs and assets.
  • Program Development– Analyze program design, management structure and budget creation for new or evolving projects.
  • Case Statements– Convey your mission with passion to energize your donor base and prospective partners.
  • Solicitations and Fundraising Collateral–  Develop compelling messaging that showcase your organization’s strengths.
  • Board Development– Facilitate sessions that engage board members around fundraising responsibilities and opportunities.
  • Executive Consultation and Staff Training– Assist new or growing development operations with proven techniques to diversify income sources or learn more about the latest trends.
  • Establishing and Executing Compliance Monitoring– Establish fundraising practices, procedures and policies for accepting, accounting, acknowledging, expending and reporting contributed revenues.
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