Bookkeeping & Administrative Support


Leave the bookkeeping to us, so you can focus on your mission. We can handle your accounts payable, accounts receivable, general reporting for staff operations, and more.

Case Studies

The Washington Chorus

In 2008, Sarah Yaneza was the Director of Finance for The Washington Chorus and decided to formalize The Bright Solutions which meant that she needed to step away from her full-time role.  As a means of transition, Sarah remained engaged with TWC in accounting.  Over time, it was determined that with the appropriate onsite support staff, this relationship could continue, with TBS periodically managing the bookkeeping as well as the routing accounting functions. We have provided CFO, accounting, and bookkeeping support for TWC since 2008.

Studio Theatre

Initially we were retained to review accounting processing, including internal control. Subsequently, we were awarded a contract to assist in the restructuring of the accounting system and reporting.


Administrative Support

We can provide on- or off-site administrative support, including file management, data entry, and document retention assistance.

In many ways, we provide administrative support for all of our clients. An important special characteristic of Bright Solutions is that we don’t merely act as historians creating financial and business records, but we provide ongoing administrative services and help to resolve issues that arise.

These services often include:

  • responding to governmental correspondence,
  • acknowledging donor gifts,
  • attending meetings on behalf of the Executive Director or Board member,
  • making an appeal to a state legislature,
  • attending local planning meetings,
  • representing the organization in regional arts meetings, and
  • orienting new staff and new Board members.

Case Study

World Affairs Council Washington DC

Eight years ago, The Bright Solutions was contacted to provide monthly accounting services, including financial statements and facilitating the annual audit by a CPA firm. Seven years later, we were asked to take on the full complement of financial services, serving as the CFO.

This has led to our engagement in participating in the strategic plan, development of intellectual property, facilitating external relations with other not-for-profit organizations and expanding policy development. We were awarded with a multi-year contract.


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