About Us

Our Expertise

We partner with organizations and executives on business management solutions that help you focus on your mission, rather than your finances.

We have a shared passion for your mission.

Our Principals and Associates possess a passion for combining their professional and technical accomplishments and knowledge with clients who have missions that provide for a richer civic and cultural quality of life for donors, audiences and the general citizenry.

We are an extension of your staff.

The Bright Solutions provides general and administrative services to small and mid-size organizations, profit or not-for-profit, whether the entity is just starting or has been around for several decades. Our staff are specialists who handle tasks and responsibilities inherent in every operation. We are strong advocates of not-for-profit outsourcing services for projects, special events, and cyclical activities that require additional hands and eyes.
We understand Non-Profits.

We possess an extensive history in orienting new members to boards, new executives to formulating plans, documenting procedures, compliance reporting, and overall assessments and evaluations. We are unmatched in a first-hand experience of start-up to complex and highly diversified operations.

We understand boards, and we strive to have boards and management understand each other.

Our Principals have served on numerous boards and have been doing board development for over 20 years. Executive Directors and Boards often times rely too heavily on one another to understand and interpret both plans and results. Education and language allow the parties to more closely align themselves with each other.

We custom fit our services for your organization.

The Bright Solutions currently support organizations in a variety of relationships – from on-going to intermediate to project-based. We can provide our services at the client’s office and remotely. We customize our services to each organization to offer best practices in not for profit business and organizational management.

We do not do everything outside of the delivery of programming – we do not do development of IT based systems. We do provide support and can even control the conversion and transition from one business system to another. If your needs are outside of our scope of expertise, we have a network of professionals who may well be the right fit for your needs.