Our History

Our History

The Bright Solutions is a product of two independent consulting practices: Bright Yaneza & Associates and SUCCESSION.

After years of collaboration between Bright Yaneza and SUCCESSION, the two organizations merged to form a new organization: The Bright Solutions.  This merged entity provides more opportunity and greater depth of service for current clients, as they now have direct access to a full array of experienced associates and principals.

Bright Yaneza & Associates

In 2008, Sarah Bright discovered that the not-for-profit community was in need of outsourced financial managers.  Ms. Bright found that many small to mid-sized organizations were struggling to comply with various accounting requirements and to manage day-to-day bookkeeping functions.  Bright Yaneza & Associates was created to assist organizations in business management.


Richard Kamenitzer established SUCCESSION in 1999, but even prior to 1999, Richard Kamenitzer had been consulting with colleges and arts organizations since the early 1970’s. A specific focus towards not-for-profits, small and mid-size, emerging, education and culturally-based provided a very diverse client base. However, an even more refined focus was where the Founder of the organization was still present – either as manager or in governance or in both. Offering accounting, financial services, business and capital plans, bank financing, construction management, board development, strategic planning, interim executive management, executive search, and strategic restructuring, SUCCESSION was able to launch, sustain, grow, merge and sometimes even dissolve organizations, keeping the mission central to the desired outcome.

The Bright Solutions

Richard saw the opportunity to continue to share this wealth of experience in service to mission-based, best practices management, and joined with Sarah Bright in this merged entity: The Bright Solutions.