TBS offers Compliance and I-9 Reviews

As you are perhaps aware, 2018 has been a year of changes. At Bright Solutions, we are ever mindful of our client’s need to adhere to regulations imposed above and beyond the policies of the Board. We review all transactions within our scope of work for such compliance. However, this does not mean that all requirements are being addressed, as some may fall beyond the scope of our engagement.

Human resource management has been impacted with Family Leave, Sexual Harassment, overtime, independent contractor vs employee, etc. changes and/or additions.

Internal Revenue has expanded their scrutiny into such areas as travel compensation and reimbursement, as well as their review of the same issues being reviewed by the Department of Labor regarding overtime compensation and independent contractor vs employee status.

States have joined in on the issue of independent contractor status, minimum wage and other related management record-keeping and compliances, as well.

Some of our clients have access to legal counsel on either a regular basis or on an “as-needed” basis. We strongly advise that a member of management maintain contact with their legal counsel to assure themselves that the practices/policies of the organization are compliant with the local, state and federal requirements. Towards this end, we would welcome having access to the designated legal counsel so that we might review the issues that are relevant to the organization’s delivery of its mission. All this means is that you or the appropriate authority at your organization introduce Bright Solutions to your legal counsel and let them know we can speak to them about client affairs.

For those clients that do not have such access, we strongly recommend that the Board, a committee of the Board or some professional service be engaged to make sure that appropriate policies are in place and management has a system of review to make sure that compliance is in place.

Lastly, in the area of risk management, protection of the assets (and protection of and from potential liabilities) are essentially part of the duties of “care” and “obedience” of the Board. Your insurance agent, like your legal counsel, should conduct an annual review of all of the activities being planned for the ensuing period, as well as the adequacy of protection currently in place. Once again, we stand ready to work with your agent in providing them with the information they require. Here, again, we would need an introduction to your agent, allowing us to share your information.

We continue to work with and for you in providing the level of service that is essential in sound management practices. To that end, we have developed two new products:

1. an overall compliance review related to organizational documents, tax filings, etc.

2. An I9 review, based on the new requirements and regulations imposed by the USCIS, should your organization be audited.

We are prepared to either do these reviews as part of our current scope of services. Or, you can direct us to simply train your staff based on the research we have developed. We will follow up with you directly to discuss these reviews.